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HOW TO: Create Your Own Customized Short URL

HOW TO: Create Your Own Customized Short URL makes it straightforward for the common blogger to make a custom short computer address for free of charge. you do not even got to own a website that gets regarding lots of distinctive guests per month. A custom shortened link is nice for building a private or business complete, as readers recognize precisely wherever it'll lead after they see it shared on social networks. With these four straightforward steps, you'll customize short links for your website and share branded URLs across the net exploitation
Steps to create Short URL: To create Short URL, just go to, no need to create any account setup.

Open in your browser, Enter your URL in "Create Short URL" section and just click on "Submit". It will give you new short URL very quickly.

You can see the statistics of your short URL free of cost on
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Trick to shorten your URL

Trick to shorten your URL There are many place when you need to provide short URL for the SEO, online marketing and Deep Linking.
With the limited number of characters allowed in Twitter, if you wanted to tweet, then you can use URL Shortener to short your URL(s).
Following are the list of good URL shorteners.
All of the above URL shortener provides you the statistics regarding your short URL being clicked by the users.